Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Essex Street Market (Mercado)

No description of Shopsins would be complete without a piece of information about this market. Moved a few times to it's present incarnation, Essex street has served the Loisaida for many, many years. There are several fruit and veggie vendors offering the run of the mill to the specialized- small baby carrots, thin French beans, and lots of tropical fruits- mangoes, pineapples, papaya all at very cheap for Manhattan prices. A whole pineapple can be found for a mere $2.00. There is Jeffery's meat market a mainstay here offering lots of cuts of cow, and pork. New to the market are Saxelby cheese which features farmfresh American made cheeses and Sullivan street breads. Also, Formaggio Essex dabbles in the more exotic imported cheeses as well as olives, fresh olive oil and serrano and specialty hams. One of my fav shops is Roni Sue Chocalates whose wares are made fresh in her small cute as a button shop. Butternut crunch is buttery sweet and some dark and milk chocalates some with fruits like figs and raspberries are delish. Only downside to this market reminicicent of many I have visited in Latin America is that it is open only till 7PM and closed Sunday. One makes due at these prices and to enjoy the lively market atmosphere. This aint whole paycheck folks.

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