Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ali Baba Restuarant

Ali Baba on East 34th Street is my favorite Manhattan Turkish spot. Located near the very elegant Turkish Kitchen on 3rd Ave this place has one very important food item the other doesn't- Turkish bread. Arriving warm and nicely baked in a bread basket, turkish bread is one of those perfect companions to the meal. If you come for lunch there is a $9.95 lunch special that rocks. You get a choice of appetizer and an entree and the appetizers include bread with little almonds and noodles. The appetizers include lentil soup, a wonderful shepards salad of tomato, cucumber, onions, parsley, lemon, vinegar and spices. My favorite lunchtime entree is the shish kebab which are cubes of roasted and seasoned lamb over the yummy rice. A bite of bread and lamb is a classic Turkish combo. For dinner a more extensive menu of poultry, meat, fish and vegetarian items can be found on the menu. I have eaten here at dinner and there is a salmon casserole with cream, vegetables and kastar cheese that is super duper. They bake their own baklava(the recommeded dessert) with pistachios and honey. This restaurant attracts a very international crowd and it is not unusual to hear several languages spoken in this pretty, little spot. Another outpost in East Midtown is coming soon.

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