Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Located on Amsterdam Avenue and 121st street on the burgeoning food scene uptown on Amsterdam between 125th. and 110th., Massawa serves up Eritrean and Ethiopian food in charmingly decorated spot.

The food here is served with injera and eaten by hand. This doughy bread is made from Teff the smallest wheat grain found in East Africa. Eating here is a real cultural experience. There is a lunch special with most dishes priced under $10. A choice of beef, poultry, lamb, seafood and vegetables and vegan is available. I chose the lamb cooked two ways. The dish is plated right on the injera with extra served on the side. One lamb was cooked with onions and spices and the other was cooked with berbere a red spicy sauce. There was a small salad and a peanuty sauce on the side. The food was very tasty and enjoyable. There were pictures on the wall of Ethiopian figures and handicrafts abounding. The spot is very charming and the feasting here is truly unique.

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