Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hot Chocolate

I have been meaning to blog this up before our thoughts turn to fiending for ice-cream instead of hot chocolate. I have been sampling many a restaurant's offerings all over town and found some spots offer such a dissapointing weak brew. On the upside some Mexican spots offer a very servicable hot chocolate spiced with cinnamon, something the country is famous for. Anything made without milk is almost not worth drinking. Here are my picks for the standout hot chocolates I have tried around town. Number one, would be the Shake Shack version which is rich, dark and thick with toffee marshmellows. This hot chocolate is almost a meal in of itself, and the lines are shortest in Gramercy Park on the coldest days. My second fave this season is at a charming little bakery on Allen Street on the LES called How Sweet it is.....remember Jackie Gleason's famous line. This is a pink dot of a bakery with artisan baked goods and pastries. The hot chocolate is just the right amount of chocolately goodness and is heaven with a baked accompanyment. Of course, City Bakery deserves an honorable mention, but it is frankly just too rich for my palate.

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