Sunday, March 23, 2008


Salt is a sweet spot on a quiet non-touristed piece of MacDougal Street west of 6th. Ave sharing the block with other cute and cozy spots. I think this was my second time in the restaurant which is opened since 2003 and seems to be well received. The exposed brick walls and whitewashed communal tables lend a farmhouse ambience to the spot. A very small kitchen in the rear specializes in seasonal fare. I was there for brunch and the reason I chose Salt was that at 2:30 on a Saturday it was relatively empty. The brunch menu which was sort of a combo lunch/ brunch included soups, eggs, and sandwiches. I started with a cup of cream of tomato which was creamy and satisfying. Next a slow roasted eggplant with a puree of beets and mesclun with a creamy bluecheese dressing. I admit the two pieces of eggplant seemed miniscule for $14. This item is on the dinner menu as an appietizer and is definitely one. Overall, I was underwhelmed by both portion size and overall flavor. The bathroom though was one of the cleanest and best smelling I have come across with a large scented candle and pictures of various types of food groups like legumes and fruits with a cute shabby chic style cabinet and mirror.

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