Thursday, March 20, 2008

San Loco

At this chain of cheap Mexican joints the food is served fast and made to order. The vibe is collegiate hangout though the restaurant reflects it's Mexican roots with blue tiles and wood tables. Since 1986 San Loco dishes quality food at muy barrato prices. Using all fresh ingredients even with their guacamole which at $.80 as an add on that is pretty darn cheap. So the food does not taste processed here like it does at other bigger chains.
Quesadillas, enchilladas, and burritos top out at $7 with meat or less with veggies or just rice and beans. My queso loco with rice and beans which was a warm flour tortilla with melted cheese wrapped around a hard shell taco with the add on of guacamole was a cheap dinner of under $5.00. This place stays around and busy because plain and simple the food is good and cheap.

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