Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sullivan Street Bakery

Moved uptown from it's Sullivan Street location after a break in the partnership, this small out of the way bakery is as good as New York baking gets. Selling to many of the best bakeries around town and using natural leavening methods, Sullivan Street bakery offers one of the most authentic tasting Italian breads and room temperature pizzas in all of the five boroughs. The Pugliese panne is a huge darkly baked dense loaf born to soak up a good extra virgin olive oil. Some breads like panne alle olive are also available in small size rolls. The breads are pricey but are absolutely worth it. Pizza con funghi, cauliflower and my personal fave pizza patate(potato) are square perfectly baked room temp. artisan pizza for a snack or lunch. The pizzas run from about $3.00. Sandwiches with cheeses and veggies or chicken are very good. Also available are a changing variety of pastries and cookies like a cookie baked with nutella and an apple or sour cherry cake. They usually sell these in individual portions. Sullivan Street Bakery also has a bread baking program to interested potential bakers. The new location on 47th Street between 10th. and 11th. Ave is a tad out of the way, but works well when combined with a tour of the Ninth Ave. restaurant scene.

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