Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tres Pommes Patisserie

This is my one of my favorite spots on Fifth Ave, near Garfield Street in the Slopey, Slope. This charming spot owned by the former pastry chef at the ever popular Union Square Cafe in Union Square churns out amazing baked goodies plus homemade ice-cream and chocolates. Everything is simply delish here, with an expert at the helm. My personal faves are the sticky pecan bun loaded with sugary pecans and molasses baked to a golden dark hue, banana bread, homemade oreo cookies, brownies and rocking homemade hazelnut chocolates with a hazelnut on top. A recent addition of jelly donuts are simply killer with a beautifully fried donut with a layer of raspberry jelly and lots of sugar on top. Her ice-creams are luscious which as you know I have a thing for ice-cream. All are creamy fresh and good with a homemade waffle cone, but the caramel ice-cream with caramel pieces is simply delisiouso. Mine yesterday was soft and tasted like caramelized dark brown sugar with crispy caramel pieces, oh so yummy. A few tables are up in front of the store with the kitchen and other baking and ice-cream paraphanalia in the back. A small purple bathroom in the back is there if you need it.

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