Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Artichoke Pizza

A couple of guys from Staten Island open a pizza place on East 14th. Street and there is a line out the door. What is their secret? Is it the thickly charred crust or tangy tomato sauce or combo of cheeses? One thing is sure, it is definitely one of the the best pizza bangs for the buck on this islan, at $2.50/slice. This was my second trip, because the first time, I passed right by after seeing no less that 4 other pizza spots in a two block radius. So, after braving a 10 minute line while grooving to Nirvana and Guns and Roses blasting from the radio, keeping the 4 pizza making men rockin' and alert while producing pies and slices for the masses waiting. A guy in front keeps the customers in order and explains the offerings here. There is a photo of Elvis in the window and a few restaurant size cans of pommodoro to look at as you salivate for your pizza. There is literally standing room only and that is a sliver of a spot near the napkins and condiments which are in one spot. Better to bring your pizza home or eat it on the way on a nice day. Artichoke offers stuffed artichokes which look very rustic(good) as well as lovely well baked large free form peasanty loaves. Now for the pizza. I ordered a square and a round which by looks only, look great. I sort of preferred the flavor of the round more, though both were very good, nicely charred, thick crusted with a little fresh basil. The square offers multiple cheeses (pecorino, parmigiana, and polly-o) and fresh basil adds a a nice touch. Maybe, the pizza is just a tad thick to enjoy the ragin. flavors. It is definitely damn good pizza for this island, though it can be hard to please the pizza palate of a born and bred Brooklyn girl. A new pizza with crab is pictured above. After a second visit, and third and fourth, I am starting to like/love the pizza here and the great guys who serve it, reminding me more of very fond Brooklyn pizza parlor memories each time, though I wish the condiments were more plentiful.

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