Sunday, April 13, 2008


Located on the ice-cream triad in Greenwich Village on Bleeker, this mainstay gelateria opened by Argentinian brothers has been serving homemade gelati and sorbets for years. My favorite flavors are banana and chocolate followed by dulce de leche and dark chocolate. The Argentines have a great history with gelato given the number of Italian immigrants there and I remember yummy gelato when I spent a month there in 2000. I have read some reviews that find the brothers unfriendly and only allow you to try two flavors. They arrange a tasting on a double sided spoon which is very smart as some folks taste endlessly before deciding. The service is always friendly here based on my experience and the price is $5 for two scoops with the first requested flavor being the larger serving in the cup, Cones is a reliable place for ice-cream in the Village. It will be interesting to see how the newly opened Groms down the street affects the business at Cones. My guess is that the folks at Cones really know their customers and have a reliable repeat customer base where Grom hires kids to work who are not as interested in getting to know customers.

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