Saturday, April 12, 2008

El Paso Taqueria

Located one block north of the DMZ on 96th Street and Lex is this tiny Taqueria. It is a busy little restaurant shaped like a box with a pretty Mexican inspired mural and a small kitchen with lots of activity on a block of tenements on east 97th Street. Service is a little brusque as the turnover is quick here. Channel 47 is the featured entertainment with a large t.v. facing the dining room. The salsa was homemade and had a nice kick to it. My sopa of the day was mushroom and well flavored with some mozzeralla cheese of the top. The entree of chicken chimichanga one topped with green salsa the other with red was muy delicioso. El Paso is known for it's guacamole which you can order mild of spicy was very good. The entree is served with rice with veggies(frozen) and black beans for $11.50. Many families and locals filled this joint on Friday so it is quite popular though not a bargain. The bathroom was small and smelly with a heavy door to enter.

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