Sunday, May 11, 2008

Big Daddy's Diner

Big Daddy's has two locations one on Park Ave. South and 19th. Street and the other on 2nd. Ave and 82nd. Street. I have eaten at the Park Ave South location nearly a dozen times and each time my feeling is the same. Cute retro setting, freshly made grub to order, and occasionally clueless service. Lunch on Park Ave. South is bustling and for good reason, the food is good though not cheap, booth action and trivia cards make for a fun interactive lunch. The burgers are so huge and served with slaw and fries(cheese if you ask for it). Last week it was hard to finish my daddy'o burger which was grilled perfectly with melted jalepeno cheddar, thick cut bacon and onion rings- o daddy this is some burger, and served with fries for $12.93. If you are feeling in a retro mood you can order tater tots instead of fries and you can add cheese to the fries for a buck. To wash it all down I ordered a delish thick shake with chocolate, banana, chocolate syrup and whipped creme. Another lunch fave is the "holy moses" which includes, grilled veggies, grape leaves, falafel, hummus, cucumber, olives and pita for $13.93- also a gargantuan amount of food and freshly made. The salads are also huge and I have enjoyed the General Lee's chicken salad on many occasions served with napa cabbage fried chicken breast, , hearts of palm, roasted sesame seeds, mango and orange slics with an Asian sesame dressing for $13.91. I am always so full, I never order dessert. The toilet is on the first floor with a large silver antique looking mirror and pedestal sink.

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