Sunday, May 18, 2008

DiFara's Pizza

To make it to DiFara's Pizzeria on the corner of Ave. J. and East 15th. Street in Brooklyn is like making a pilgrimage with other pizza pilgrims to the pinnacle of NY pizza. An old school reno from the 70's this run down joint is lined with over 25 of his written accolades which laud the pizza king Dominic DeMarco. Dominic still makes the pies as he has done for 40 years and it exciting to watch him create his rounds and squares. Streching the dough, adding the tomoato sauce, cutting the mozzarella cheese(he uses regular and buffalo milk) as well as romano cheese which adds sweetness and then drizzles extra virgin olive oil onto the pie then into the conventional pizza oven it goes. After baking, for the finale is he uses a scissor and cuts fresh basil onto his perfectly baked pies. At $4.00 the pizza should be good and it is great. I have been going to DiFara's for years since high school when it was just a neighborhood spot with two of my high school friends who lived nearby. Tasting it again after so many good and mediocre slices recently was just a pleasure. The round which I liked a little more is so perfectly baked and juicy with all the cheeses and good olive oil the it was an hmmmmmm! The square was so flavorful and well baked it was alot of taste in a bite. For a rainy Sunday the place was packed. There is a bathroom behind the counter, though it is not the most customer friendly little toilet arrangement.

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