Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Amsterdam Food Market

This outdoor market is ground breaking in that not only does it feature farm fresh ingredients from NYS growers, but also New York City purveyors of fine foods are featured here under one highway sort of. Well the outdoor space is behind the parking spaces and adjacent to the South St. Seaport. Sunday's market offered food in categories like the Bread Pavillion, Milk and Honey, Pastured Meats, Producers and Purveyors. At the Bread Pavillion my personal fave, there was Daniel restaurant who normally only bakes bread for it's 4 restaurants offering their incredible darkly baked peasanty loves and samples as well. Also present and baking was the Bakehouse(NJ), Balthazar, Bouchon and Pan D'Avigon from Long Island City which is reputed to offer one of the best baguettes in town and judging by samples it is at the top along with Daniel. Other standouts included homemade ice-cream offered by Marlow and Sons from Williamsburg with their chocolate cherry ice-cream(divine). Lot's of goodies to try including a ceviche like concoction from Peasant Restaurant on a razor clam and a bean soup made from organic beans from upstate New York. This market was a complete surprise and many local foodies would be ecstatic for New Amsterdam to be permanent come the fall.

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