Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shake Shack

The line was snaking almost around the block at 12:30 on this lovely almost summer day. This institution in Gramercy park is perenially packed for yummy burgers, Chicago style franks and hmmmmmm good frozen custard my personal fave. Since Custard Beach closed a few years back this is the only spot to eat homemade custard. Today, I order my usual Shack-Cago dog for $3.75 and a homemade lemonade as well as the custard flavor of the day which was cherry chip and also a chocolate custard. My friend ordered the hamburger and fries with cheese sauce. The frank has a nice bite along with cucumbers, pickles and "scary" fresh tomatoes on a poppy seeded bun. Spicy good mustard is available at the condiment table. The cheese fries are made from yukon gold potatoes and are tasty. The lemonade was flavorless as so many restaurants offer a good homemade summertime lemonade. My custards were silky smooth and delicious. The cherry chip has pieces of chocolate chips and a nice cherry flavor. Summertime is Shake Shacks busiest season so if you don't mind the line.

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