Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11th Street Diner

This classic diner on 11th and Washington has been settled at this spot since 1992, after being moved from Wilkes Barres, PA. Serving classic diner fare in an art-deco diner this Miami institution works well. A full entree section includes Southern Fried Chicken, called the best in Miami by the Village Voice of Miami the New Times.
For $13.95, you get two sides with most entrees, I had the sweet potato fries and mac and cheese with my chicken. I also ordered a strawberry banana shake which was ice-creamy plus a fresh banana with whipped cream on top, yummy. The chicken was dry and flavorless certainly not cooked to order like the Dirty Bird style chicken that is my standard. The sides were tasty with the fries being fresh fried with the skin on and the mac and cheese servicable. Other enttrees include an Argentenian skirt skeak with tomato garlic relish for $14.95. A full burger bar with interesting carne options like the Vermont wiht cheddar and bacon as well as the Canadian Royale with Canadian bacon, mozzarella cheese and shoestring onions. A full breakfast menu including a malted waffle and diner b&e which includes 2 eggs, 2 bacon, homefries and toast. The toilet renovated in the 90's with cheap marble and tile and a small old sink needs rethinking. The spot is despite it's flaws is classic Miami Beach. Pics coming soon.

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