Saturday, July 26, 2008

Texas De Brasil

Heralded as one of the top churrascerias(Brazilian meat palaces) by food magazines and other periodicals, Texas de Brasil is a grand castle like restauarant with several locations throughout the country, none in NYC. The spot at 300 Alton Road and 3rd Street sits on the harbor and a seat near the window affords great views while eating great meat. Eating at churascarias is an awesome experience and this one is one of the granddaddys of them all. The space alone is huge, painted red with lot's of wood as if dining in a friend's castle sounds appealing you can see why they can't afford to come to NYC. The salad bar options were similar to other churrascarias with some nice additions like fresh grana padano, sundried tomatoes, olives, grilled eggplant, and two kinds of grilled zucchini and lots of varieties of extra virgin olive oil and balsamics. Also, at the bar are stews and a soup, yesterday was delish lobster bisque. There is a huge wine list with lots of space to store it. The meat here is first rate. Salty and perfectly cooked from medium rare to well done. The meat servers circulate and stop when your disk says green. If you want your meat a certain cut and doneness, they were obliging. They also bring sweet plantains and delish mashed potatoes with red onions and parsley, gratis. Lunch is served only on Fridays at noon and at $27.99 is a bargain compared to the New York churascarias. Dessert is an irrelevant afterthought. Pics to follow.

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