Sunday, August 3, 2008


This spot in Williamsburg intrigued me because of the combination of cuisines- Latin/Italian. Curiousa? Went for brunch today after dropping off some duds at Beacon's Closet. The corner location at Berry and North 9th affords lots of light and air from it's muy bonita/bella interior. The space is painted in a warm yellow with lots of cleverly placed exposed brick and warm wooden tables and chairs. I ordered the cemitas a sandwich/torta of grilled chicken, oaxacan cheese, avocado and tomatoey sauce. Freshly grilled chicken went well with the other ingredients and an actual salad with greens and grape tomatoes for $9. My side of mangu for $3 was tdf which is smashed sweet plaintains(maduros) with parmigiano and grilled red onions-delicouso. To drink, the owner offere a tamarind soda which he made sparkly with selzer and that was a refreshing liquid against the bold flavors of the food. A pretty john with a window to a little dining nook is a super clever design detail.

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