Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Gnocco on 10th Street and Ave. B. is an Italian restaurant that is genuine Italian, simple, quality ingredients cooked well, reminicent of the flavors of foods I have eaten in Italy. After tasting the pizza here many times, it used to be sold by the slice, I finally dined at the restuarant in it's charming garden. Lights strung around the yellow painted walled in a space that feels quietly serene yet sexy in Alphabet City. We started with a selection of formaggio(Italian cheeses)for $13.45. Served with pears and Italian honey, this was a sensational appetizer, simple flavors married together. We had the Napoli pizza with anchovies for $11.45. Pizza here is very thin with a slight char and a lovely fresh tomato sauce. Deliciouso. There are many types of pizzas as well as homemade pastas like the signature housemade gnocchi which I look forward to trying on future visits. Gnocco is the real deal with very reasonable prices.
Must GO!


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