Sunday, September 28, 2008


The owners had a lot of foresight in coming to Ave. C. and seventh street in this cash only restaurant. Exposed brick, European textured and patterned banguettes, and lots of dark wood give Kafana and exotic Euro feel. The food here does not dissapoint if it is a Eurotrip you are seeking. I have been here twice once for dinner and once for lunch. Weekend dinner is busy as people load up on grilled meats and head out for a night of partying. Saturday and Sunday, Kafana is open for lunch and my only dissapointment is the prices are the same as dinner. To start, a peasanty bread arrives with a flavorful red pepper sauce for dipping. This condiment is popular all over Central and Eastern European countries and is delish. I had the cheese pie for $3.95 to start at lunch which was the only dissapointment of both meals, layers of pillowy phyllo with very little feta. Both meals I ate the grilled pork chop($14.95) as an entree which could be the best grilled pork chop I have ever eaten. Mildly spiced and grilled to perfection, this is a pork lovers dream, served with a small salad of greens and radichio. You can add on a side of baker's(roasted) potatoes which are tasty and only cost $3.95. The grilled meats are a Serbian specialty and are not to be missed. At the first dinner my friend and I shared the sour cherry pie which is house made and rolled up with blueberries and was berry delicious.

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