Friday, October 17, 2008


Charming Paradou is a French/Wine Bar across the street from Pastis where we could not be seated yet for our reservation, because a table for two was not available. Luckily, we wound up at the better option. Seated near the street in the small front room, Paradou has a true European feel and a relaxed vibe. We found out when Business Week came over to interview us that wine was free on Monday nights- Depression Mondays as they were called in the '80's. The food at Paradou is good, we shared a plate of cheeses pictured above with housemade confitures which balanced the cheeses with a nice sweetness. One of the confitures was a spicy apricot which added a nice kick. A package of lovely wrapped goat, a strong blue and a comte rounded out the plate for $15. My beet ravioli which was a take on a goat cheese tart was filled with herbed goat cheese, served with raw golden beet "pasta" and caramelized walnuts with beet coulis for $12 was quite good. There is a lovely garden in the back for warmer nights. My favorite part about Paradou is that like Europe we sat unbothered for a few hours.

Please tune into Business Week in review Sunday at 11:30 on Ch. 7 to see the interview.

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