Thursday, January 22, 2009


Restaurant week lunch is $24.07 and this is the second year I have eaten here for that event. There are three courses for the restaurant week special, an appetizer, entree and dessert. Now Primehouse is part of the restarant conglomerate B.R. guest and that means great service and very accomodating staffers. The space istself is large airy on a corner with a hip, modern decor. The food here is well done. You start with a wheel of bialy like house baked bread, one plain and one with olives. Delish with whipped butter. I had the cerviche which was shrimp marinated in citrus and olive oil with tiny pieces of orange. Absolutely phenomenal flavor. For the main, I had the short ribs braised in a red wine reduction with Winter root vegetables. Wow- super taste and the veggies like parsnips and carrots are perfectly cooked. The dessert was a chocolate raspberry torte which was layers of chocolate cake and raspberry mouse with housemade raspberry vanilla swirl ice-cream. The other dessert of lemony creme brulee with cookies was good, but the superstar dessert was the chocolate raspberry torte, two of my fave flavor combos.

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Alex said...

looks like you hit the jackpot for their lunch menu. yum. too bad their new lunch menu is uninspiring to say the least.