Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Co. hit the mark with it's current location on 24th. and 8th. Ave in a spot foremerly occupied by a Twin Donut. Mostly communal seating is the only downside at this restaurant opened by the guy who started the Sullivan Street Bakery. Co. aims high culinarily and reaches it's goals. For appetizers, we ordered olives, eggplant on toast and an escarole salad and a salami from California. The escarole salad with capers, croutons and a lemony olive oil dressing was a standout. The ham and cheese pizza with gruyere, buffalo mozzeralla and procuitto with it's charred crust and out of the oven heat was simply killer as the owner is a breadmaker and the dough made all the difference. For dessert a banana split with homemade gelato. Blood orange and chocolate gelato over bananas and smothered in marshmellow sauce and hot fudge with candied walnuts. Perfetto!

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