Saturday, August 29, 2009

La Flor

In a decidely unglamorous location under the tracks of the #7 train sits this bakery/cafe that turns out bangin' breakfast/brunch plates all cooked to order in their open kitchen. My brunch was decidely feastlike at a price that would have been at least 1/3 more for this quality in a hood like Park Slope. Plus as crowded as it was there was no waiting. The waitresses run around frantically, but they got everything right. Starting with my hot chocolate with an ice-cube which had a touch of cinnamon and was quite good. The cranberry scone was tasty served with butter and prepackaged preserves. If they made their own it would have been a home run. My Mexican inspired eggs, potatoes and cheese was delish. I also ordered a fresh corn salad as well as a mixed South American potato salad. The corn salad was freshly shucked and better than the one at DBGB, with a hint of balsamic. The purple potato salad with it's Peruvian potatoes was original and delish. I really can't think a better tasting brunch I have had in a while. The whole meal was under $20 and this was a giant amount of lovely food.

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