Sunday, January 31, 2010

La Lucha

La Lucha stands for a popular free-style wrestling popular in Mexico. It is a stylised little spot on Ave. A. and East. 9th street. Decorated with little Mexican wrestling figurines, it is a hot pink skinny space. There are vintage wrestling movies projected on a white wall which is a nice touch. The food is authentic, quite good and cheap which is why it is popular. Chips are fried up in house and naturally addictive. The guacamole pictured is limey freshness served up with those insane chips. I have been here twice for dinner and once for brunch. At brunch the chiliquiles are the best I have tried outside Mexico- served with chicken there are lots of flavors at once. There Mexican hot chocolate hits the mark with perfect richness. The flautas are served with cheese or chicken and are tasty as is the corn pictured which is one of the spicier ones I have tasted. You can have dinner here for under $20 in a fun, relaxed and unique enviroment.