Thursday, June 24, 2010

Johnny's Famous Reef Restaurant

At the tip of the Puerto Rican Riviera on the Long Island Sound sits Johnnys Famous Reef Restaurant. If you are from the Bronx, Johnnys is famous and I was introduced to the spot by a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx and fell in love ever since. This is an old school style joint where the food is served cafeteria style(serve yourself). No fuss, take your food outside and enjoy the amazing view. Lots of food here is fried with a tried and true recipe and it rocks. The fried clams are a New England classic and absolutely the tast of summer. Raw clams, fried shrimp, corn are all great. My only gripes with Johnny's are the canned beers(not good enough for the chow) and the bathrooms outside are a little gritty. Otherwise, this spot is one of a kind and the kind of place where patrons would not want it to spruce up or change a thing. Also, prices are reasonable- you could feast for two for about $40.
Must Go!

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