Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No. 28 Pizzeria Romana

Located at 196 Spring Street near 6th. Ave. in Soho this newish Pizzeria by the slice provides more options for quality slices. Offering varieties like mushroom, procuitto cotto, a standard slice, artichoke slice etc. for $4-$5, it is a welcome addition. The pizza itself is made from high quality dough and many of the slices are perfectly darkly baked, though others a somewhat dissapointing. We tried three- the mushroom, artichoke and standard slice. The mushroom was the best of the three with rich mushroomy flavor and the great crust. The artichoke contained cold, canned artichoke which underwhelmed the lovely crust. The standard slice(not pictured) was less well baked and offered flavorless not fresh mozzerella. The top pictured slice is with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzeralla, and basil- looks like a better option. Customer-centered offerings of bottles of olive oils and flavored olive oils as well as a ultra-modern seating space make this place very user-friendly.

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