Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Delta Grill

While fiending for chicken fried steak and a comforting meal, I headed to Delta Grill for lunch. Long a mainstay on Ninth Ave, the fireplace and Cajun comfortable dining room are a welcoming sight on a cold day. They have lots of lunch choices all $14 and under- not the cheapest on the Avenue, but certainly well worth the price. Soup and half sandys run $8.95 which are some of the cheaper options. The $11 chicken fried steak was absolutely delicious. Crunchy fried steak smothered in onion gravey, alongside mashed potatoes with some spice from jalepenos. The veggies on the plate were cooked al dente and smacked of lip smacking butter. A lip smacking, stick to your ribs meal. All the Cajun and Creole Louisiana faves are featured here in an authentic setting.

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