Saturday, January 15, 2011


Danny Meyer's Roman trattoria is a remarkable achievement. Housed in the elegant Gramercy Park Hotel, you can look out at the lovely private park and enjoy your meal.
Starting with the hostess who said would you like to wait for your party at the table, and being seated at a comphy booth you feel the professionalism right from the start. The room has a warm feel and no noisy din usually associated with a full restaurant. We went for brunch and wanted to try a few things so we shared. Starting with the bombolini($4) and the brioche carmellatto($3). For the mains we also shared the malfatti(open ravioli) with their signature suckling pig($21) and a ricotta pancakes($14).
The roman style bread(pictured) served simply with sea salt was super.
The brioche was warmed in a tiny toaster oven- a homey touch for such a nice spot. Perfect tiny donuts with a light custard. The malfatti is perfection with it's housemade yolky pasty filled with the slightly salty pig in a butter sage sauce with the green from the arugula. The ricotta pancakes are light, sweet, cooked perfectly and served with a splendid fruit compote. My hot chocolate with flowere creme fraiche on top $5 was a tad light though pretty. A carefully chosen wine list. Bathrooms could be better lit. Gramercy Park Hotel- 2 Lexington Avenue.

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Great Place., ate there yesterday it was great.. You no your stuff.