Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pizza Roma

Roman style pizza is square with a formidable crust. There are few spots that do it right, Golosi is one and now Pizza Roma. This spot opened in the former historic Zito's bakery. You can dine inside or take your pizza to go by the slice. The margherita pizza pictured is $3.25 and was a tasty slice with good ingredients. The bianco or plain pizza was also strongly crusted with a little sea salt. If you dine in you get this pizza bianco or pizza bread at the table and it is divine. The star which is not pictured was the rice balls. Oblong, and freshly darkly fried these balls were divine- meaty, gooey with cheese and sauce. $6.00 for two. You can also order the Suppli or rice balls with porcini and cheese- also the best rice balls around. Most pizzas like potato and artichoke are $5 and the dessert pizzas are also $5. This spot rocks and don't forget the balls.
259 Bleeker at Cornelia St. Must Go!

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Rachel B. from LES :) said...

Oh no! I have successfully managed to avoid the one near me on the LES but something about the Chelsea one seems so alluring--darn you, now I'm gonna have to go check it out!! :P