Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LYON Bouchon Moderne

They say the cuisine of Lyon France is more meat centric. Perfect for a carnivore like moir. Went for brunch on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the space occupied by the former Cafe De Bruxelles was a perfect transition for this Lyonaisse spot. Secondly, and rather oddly the restaurant was uncrowded as I abore brunchtime mobs. The service was attentive naturally as I was one of a few diners. I ordered three things. The weiner pictured and served on a pretzel roll as well as brussel sprout hash with bacon plus a hot chocolate. The Lyon hot dog is a truffled dog served with saurkraut on a pretzel roll with Dijon mustard naturally. Delicious, and savory- love the pretzel roll. The bacony brussell sprouts were the best I ever tasted. The hot chocolate though not deeply rich was reminicent of those I have tasted in France.
Must Go!

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