Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pachanga Patterson

Pachanga Patterson has a catchy name and is a popular new spot in Astoria. It serves up high-brow Mexican and is a fun spot brought to us by the people who brought VESTA to Astoria. We were five who dined there and enjoyed our experience. There are a few salsas to order with fresh made tortilla chips all tortillas are from Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona which is top of the line. I had the corn and charred tomato-$3 which was good. A start of a quesadilla with cannelini beans and cortija cheese was muy deliciouso- $6. For a main I had the pork belly enchilada with a chocolate-fig crema- $14 which was also delish. Others enjoyed their start of mussels in a chorizo broth or pork tacos. The side of sweet potato puree with a spicy kick was execptional- $3. Desserts include a diablito which is a date cake in a spicy sauce as well as a banana crepe with pecans and neither knocked my socks off.

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