Saturday, May 21, 2011


Mini temple of soba(cousin to ramen) or buckwheat noodles. Cocoran emphasizes the health benefits of various ramens. The ramen and the accompanying appetizers are not expensive so you could order a few things and eat an interesting meal. There are three small tables and a counter around an open kitchen. I ordered cabbage with miso and sesame seeds, potato and okara croquettes and a cold soba- Oroshi with ginger and scallions. The cabbage with miso was crunchy and sweetly delish. Potato and okara croquettes were freshly fried and flavorful. My soba was served on a tray with a large wood spoon- very cool. The buckwheat noodles were al dente and the broth made more flavorfull by the other sauces from my two appetizers. If you love soba....
61 Delancey St. near Ludlow

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