Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brooklyn Star(The New)

Sophisticated Southern in a big airy, corner space. Much larger than the original. They sat us at a round 4 top and we enjoyed the big feastt hat ensued. Very attentive and friendly folks are servers here. We had a food party and doggie bags to go. Biscuits are absolute biscuit perfection- $4 crispy at the edges, buttery and superflavorful. Mac and cheese with bacon $9 was tasy with pork though not as cheesy on top as I like. Smoked trout served with okra and onion rings rocks with flavor. The spicy pickeled onion rings, rung out with savory goodness. Best of all the mains was the meatloaf sandwich- $10. Made from veal, pork and beef and wrapped in bacon and topped with spicy slaw on pullman bread- absolute flavor boom in your mouth. A wonderful dining experience. Too full for dessert.