Saturday, June 11, 2011

Milk Burger

Burgers and banquettes. If you like your burgers best on white pleather banquettes with a bar, music and a club land feel- Milk Burger is for you. Serving a Shake Shack style thin patty, with all the fixin's including American cheese, milk sauce on a potato roll. This burger at $3.75 will satisfy your burger fix. Add on cheese fries for another $3.75 and you have a cheap meal. At lunch your meal is served with a Coroncita(little Corona). The fries with cheddar were a little light for my taste, Shakes though not made with any local ice-cream are quite tasty. A chocolate/caramel shake plus making it malted is a cool- $4.50 The space here rocks and is a most unusual spot for a burger and................

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