Monday, December 26, 2011

Kutshers Tribecca

Oh, nostalgia reigns supreme. A unique concept of a resort capitalizing on fond memories of it's dining hall opens a restaurant. The dining room is a modern retro 1950's affair. Some old pics remain in the front of the house. Updated faves and new ones appear on the very pricey menu. Matzoh ball soup, latkes, stuffed knishes, Catskill trout, Short ribs in red wine to name a few. Matzoh ball soup was a flavorfull broth and veggies though the matzoh was underseasoned. The latkes served with caviar is a new twist, homemade apple compote is also quite good. The short ribs in wine were tasty and the whipped mashed amazingthe Catskill trout with Meyer lemon confit was tasty. A chocolate bread pudding with poached pears and caramel brandy sauce didn't rock my boat. $115 total for two.

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