Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ai Fiori

High end, hotel restaurant in the newish Setai Hotel on 5th Ave. and 37th St. Large dining room on second floor overlooking less glamarous 5th. Ave. The lunch on Saturday boasts all sections of the menu at megawatt prices. We were seated at a four top and enjoyed the moment. A Fisher amber from the Alsace comes in a pretty bottle and is tasty. Ai Fiori has an extensive wine list as well. My friend and I shared two pastas. A Ligurian crustacean of seafood finely added over black squid pasta. The other dish was a tortelli(large ravioli) with ricotta and a sauce of marscapone and a red wine glaze. Total cost of the small plate pastas was close to $50. They were fine, dishes- the seafood pasta ligtly creamy and delicate pieces of scallop and sepia. The tortelli(pictured) glistened and also was mighty fine. For dessert a chocolate caramel(chemuex) with vanilla ice-cream was a divinely decadent finish to a pricey albeit tasty meal.