Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Corner Social

The newest "Harlem Hotspot" to enter the booming uptown dining business. Located diagnonally across from Red Rooster, Corner Social offers locally sourced comfort food. What sets Corner Social apart is the accomodating service. You can go there at prime dinner hour during the week and actually eat. I was seated at a prime outdoor corner table on Tuesday at 6PM. Located on lovely Lenox, this is a prime people watching locale. The menu has been updated from whats online and still very reasonable. I ordered fried green tomatoes with truffle aoili and a meatloaf sandwich with Grafton, Vermont cheddar plus fries. The fried green tomatoes were uber tasty as was the meatloaf. I ditched the bread chowed down on a flavorful dinner- good fries. Best part was the outdoor view of the "life on Lenox." GO! GO!

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