Sunday, August 19, 2012


In the rapidly changing Crown Heights, sits Gueros a life altering taco joint with wide acclaim. It's dishes mainly tacos are extremely creative and cheap so who wouldn't love them. Brisket, fried avocado, vegetable are some examples. Everything made here to order with flavor to go. I had the brisket taco and the fried avocado/jalapeno taco. Also, some house fried chips with limey/slightly spicey guacamole. The brisket with cheddar, rajas, roasted onions and au jus on a soft corn tortilla was amazing. The fried avocado/jalapeno with jalapeno buttermilk, pico, beans and cortija was inventive. The two plus the chips and guacamole were more than enough for a little meal. The place rocks and cute stores to window shop along Franklin Ave. GO! GO!

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