Sunday, October 7, 2012

David's Brisket House

The new outpost of the Bed-Stuy original. I always wanted to try David's and since I was headed out to BayRidge- why not. It is a sparse and generally unwelcoming space. The counterman gave me a taste of pastrami and brisket. The pastrami was good, but lacked oomph. The brisket, moist, and slightly fatty was a definite yes. I went with the brisket on rye and a side of potato salad. They give you a side of jus to eat with the sandwich. The potato salad was very homey and tasty. Pickles were out of a jar. My only complaint was that the other counterman did not want to serve me tap water until I insisted. A spot like this needs a pitcher- you can't force folks to buy a drink. SLOW GO!

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