Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fletcher's Barbecue

Barbecue was beckoning on Sunday in lieu of brunch. Fletchers is one of the new New York barbecue joints creating a second barbecue renaissance. Beginning with Hill Country and before that Blue Smoke, barbecue is enjoying new blood- no pun intended. Fletchers teams up a former advertising guy with a Rub veteran. The restaurant is situated in the ever growing Gowanus food strip next to Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop. The result is a melange of 'cue styles all quite flavorfully smoked. I went with 5 wings for $5 which were a close second to Hill Country's mega flavored chicken. The bean menage a trois was smoky with bacon at $4. The cole slaw- uber crunchy and also a reasonable $4. Most sides are $4 which is $2 cheaper than Hill Country. The mac & cheese with cheese sauce poured over it to order was pedestrian. The open seating feels spacious. Only gripe was the house barbecue tasty like a denser, darker duck sauce and none too complex. If the sauces were amped up it would be a definite........ MUST GO!

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