Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Five-star sourced modern Italian with roof-top garden meets rehearsed, rude & odd service. This perennially popular corner joint serves it all a la carte, but the flavors are tops. Focaccia- housemade served with lardo, caprese or with stracchino cheese($8) is simply delectable. The chopped salad Siciliana $11 is a lemony mix of escarole, dried chick peas, roasted peppers and caperberries is a good start. The spaghetti pommodoro with a lovely fresh tomato sauce is perfection. Try to get your server with some fresh cheese or pepper is a task. The raw calamari($8) with almonds, celery and chili peppers packs a tasty punch. I have been here twice and the service ranges from competent to fake, phoney and chaotic, but the food served is worth the spotty service and sometimes tight quarters. GO!

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