Monday, May 13, 2013

MD Kitchen

Son of DiFara's Dom opens a takeout/eat in shop around the corner from the famous/infamous DiFaras specializing in Italian/American favorites. What sets apart MD Kitchen is it's food is made to order. Your food comes out of the pan and onto a plate or warmed hero and it tastes of delicious nostalgia. I am a sucker for veal parm. so after going with the intention of shrimp parm., I made an about face. The veal came out of the pan- saucy and goey with cheese and onto my hero. $8.50. It is $.50 extra to make a dish a parm. The other pictured dish chicken and peppers looked equally delish. There is major value here for the quality, price and freshness of the food. Most dishes are well under $15. Worth a trek from Manhattan if you love your old-school Italian food. GO! GO!

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