Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Franny's redux is the uber cool retroish designed Marco's. The big oven went to Franny's and Marco's dishes small plates Italian or trattoria style as they say. The Italian fare is top of the line, but so are the prices for teeny portions. Their is no bread service which seems ingracious at these prices, but a request for bread brought a small grilled piece for two people. The two of us shared the entire meal. Spedino alla Romana($) is a tiny albeit flavorful Italian grilled cheese. The tagliatelle with prosciutto di Parma($18) was amazing- carbonarra like also a teeny tease. As a main the wood grilled lamb chops($28) were so well seasoned and cooked to perfection it was a meaty dream. The accompanying veggies- Sicilian charred eggplant($6) with pine nuts, raisins ricotta salata and Summer Squash in a lemony butter sauce($6) were a fine compliment though the generously portioned squash was way overcooked. We left this pricey establishment for their offshoot grocery store Brooklyn Larder for dessert and the chocolate caramel pudding for $6 and the chocolate caramel bar ($3) really satisfied. GO!

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