Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rotisserie Georgette

Refined Rotisserie Georgette with it's reservation policy is a reminder of when the Upper East Side was a culinary destination. Ladies and gentlemen of a certain age enter to a sophisticated and expansive rose colored dining room full of genteel touches in dining and service. Grandaisy bread with butter starts the service. The food here begs to be paired with wine which I missed this go-round. I also skipped the appetizers and headed straight to the mains. The poulet roti- $24 is a crispy half bird with a choice of seasonings. Herbs de Provence was my choice and paired with the jus of the gods it is delicious. The crispy potatoes- $7-dark and lovely packed flavor as did the side of Jerusalum artichokes, cauliflower and golden raisins- $10 which tasted better and better as I ate them. For dessert, I indulged in the pairfait. Housemade brown butter ice-cream over a mouse served with chocolate bits and with brown butter sauce- $14. I was perplexed by the presentation. Very neat on a silver dish- it looked like a Chinese restaurant ice-cream. I would have preferred a messier concoction, but the brown butter sauce was debaucherous enough to satisfy. Make a reservation and..... GO! GO!

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