Friday, January 25, 2008


Iron Chef's restaurant Morimoto is a light colored ultra modern space on the edge of the meatpacking distict. Here a team of sushi chefs and iron chefs in training served by an army of waiters and busboys in black dish out the sophisticated Japanese fare. The signature salad with dried shallots is tasty. Miso soup with chunky tofu is warming. Oh and the fish here is top of the line, melt in your mouth sushi with losts of hmms abounding from happy mouthed diners. Desserts of mini pastries including green tea cremebrulee tart and a mini brownie are a yummy ending to a fine meal. After lunch or dinner the tranquil restrooms equipped with TOTO(imported Japanese) toilets which are heated and programable. One more point is that the wait staff here especially the busboys are some of the best looking men in black around town.

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