Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Primehouse New York

Taking advantage of midwinter restaurant week, we lunched at the Primehouse on Park Ave South. For $20.08 for lunch at participating restaurants, you can have a 3 course extravaganza. Now primehouse is pricey in general although average for a steakhouse. It is an exciting place to eat, new digs and great service and lots of youngish business people dining out hopefully still on expense accounts after the markets last tumbles. Well, lunch was very very good. The restaurant serves bialy like bread on sort of skewer. These bialyish breads are warm and better than most bagel stores even in the boroughs. Next course was onion soup with imported Gruyere, dense and rich served with a toast point with bacon- very good. The next course was braised short ribs with root veggies and mashed. The mashed and veggies were perfect, the (short rib) was a tad try and not moist to my taste. Dessert was terrific with a chocolate cake- very well done considering they are so overdone. This molten laced rich, gooey filling was served with wonderful pistachio ice-cream and dried cherries. You know how I love ice-cream. So if someone is treating or you want to treat yourself to a meaty meal Primehouse does satisfy.

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