Monday, January 14, 2008

Seymour Burton

The new and new looking Seymour Burton restaurant is just too cute to ignore. Set in a space that looks not quite finished, this spot is like eating at a friends house while watching them cook for you. The open kitchen cooks to order and during my recent brunch foray, I was the only customer at noon, adding to that being in a friend's kitchen as well as chatting with the owner and waitress. Two flaky, sugary, salty little biscuits arrived- delish and original. I could'nt resist the potato pancake with creme fraiche, salmon, and arugula and this was the ultimate latke- big, dense, flavored with all the other flavors adding the perfect balance. The coffee arrives in it's own press. For dessert housemade ice-cream for the kid in you although chocalate/whiskey is definitely an adult flavor. This friendly little spot has an interesting menu and cooks everything in their very open kitchen with a friend's touch. Should you go? Go!

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