Sunday, February 3, 2008


Back to Brooklyn. At my namessake, they are turning out remarkable pizzas in a modern, though bland restuarant setting. On Flatbush Avenue on the Prospect Heights side this pizza plus joint does many things well. From the house cured meats to lovely appetizers like beets with walnuts, hot peppers and pecorino rossellino. Large, circular fresh beets paired with the crunchy walnuts and spicy peppers and yummy perorino makes for a great start. I have been there several times and have had different pizzas, and all are thin, well charred and flavorful cooked in their brick ovens. The tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil and garlic is so juicy with the perfect crust. The unusual clams, chilies and parsley could have had a slight bit more kick to it. The pizza with sausage is super tasty. There is an extensive wine list here and service is neighborhoody and friendly. A lovely garden is a nice summer retreat from the bland interior. Nice bathroom with stenciling.

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