Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saigon 48

This spot is a real surprise inside. Located in the heart of the theatre district where some Asian restaurants are a bit run down this place is pretty, sleek and serene inside. With a lunch special menu of $6.95, can you really go wrong. Saigon 48 is definitely a cut above the other neighborhood Asian joints. I enjoyed the pork chops which were a generous helping of thinly sliced pork chops, bone in meat, flavored with honey and nicely charred over a bed of Vietnamese fried rice with a spring roll. Very tasty! Other lunch special offerings include sauteed shrimp, sauteed chicken Vietnamese style with ginger and honey as well as the famous Pho(a hearty traditional soup with thinly sliced beef, noodles, basil and hoisin dipping sauce) as well as several others. Lots of newspaper postings hanging in the restaurant indicate that others are keen on this place as well.

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